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Enrolment Application Form
This is a SECURE Online Enrollment Form.
I wish to apply for Enrolment as a Student in the Anna Gresham Landscape Design School
for the Diploma in Landscape Design study program
We accept enrolments only from New Zealand Citizens and Permanent Residents. The School reserves the right to refuse enrolment if all available places are taken. The fee for the Diploma course is $1500.

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Payment Information
Please note that the total fee for the Diploma program is $1500. We accept enrolments only from New Zealand Citizens and Permanent Residents.

Payment must be made via Internet Banking. Once the School receives this enrolment form and accepts your enrolment you will be contacted with payment details.

We no longer accept payment by credit card.

Terms and Conditions
GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS for those enrolled in the full course with tuition

All Programs conducted by the Anna Gresham Landscape Design School are Correspondence courses only.
Attendance at the location of the School is not required.
All Fee payments are non-refundable regardless of circumstances, including failure by the Student to complete any course work.
The Fee includes all study material provided by the School, but does not include CAD software, any equipment or materials.
A Student is any person who has completed the Enrolment procedure within the last Eighteen months, provided that all fees due have been paid in full.
The Duration of the Diploma Program is a period of Eighteen months following Enrolment, in which the Student has the inalienable right to remain a Student provided that all fees due have been paid in full.
Completion of the Diploma Program means the satisfactory completion and submission, by the Student to the School, of all the assignments of the prescribed Program or Course.
The Diploma in Landscape Design will be issued by the School to the Student on satisfactory completion of the Diploma in Landscape Design Program, testifying to all that the Student has satisfactorily completed the Program of Diploma in Landscape Design and is entitled to use the designation Dip LD(agsld) or Dip LD, as preferred.
Course material is provided as printable PDF files, delivered via internet download.
The School will provide instruction in landscape design and the use of the recommended CAD program as related to landscape design in general and as appropriate to the study program undertaken.
The School will not provide instruction in software installation nor in the setup, use and maintenance of computer systems.
The School takes no responsibility for the performance and availability, either currently or in the future, of the recommended CAD program.
No refund of course fees will be given, nor refund of the cost of the recommended CAD program, nor of the cost of any other software the Student may have purchased to complete the course work.
The School reserves the right to change the recommended CAD program at any time.
The instructions, suggestions, advice or any other material contained in the Program are given in good faith and the School takes no responsibility whatsoever for any outcome that may result from participation in the Program.

For those who opt for the study manuals only with no tuition, the above terms and conditions do NOT apply.

*I accept the Terms & Conditions:
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