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If you would like to order multiple sizes of various items please call us to place your order. 712-947-4198
Gray Ball Cap
Camo Ball Cap
Gray T-Shirt Adult Sizes
Gray Sweat-Shirt Adult Sizes
Black Jacket Adult Sizes
Heavy Brown Coat Adult Sizes
Heavy Work Coat Supply is limited.
Sizes Run Large!
Hot Heels Products
BLACK FRIDAY Discounts will be figured in office before your card is charged. We will notify you will total cost.
Power Drills DVD Rickey Green Memorial
Hot Heels
Springer Hitch
Release Head
Extra Options
Hot Heels Heading Dummy
QuickFire Toy Dummy
Calf Dummy
Replacement Parts
Hitch N Heels
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Shipping will vary with product and location of delivery address. Purchase + Shipping will be charged to your card the day we ship and not when this form is submitted.
If you want to know what your shipping is please let us know in the comments or call or email us.
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If you are purchasing one of our 3 dummies (Hot Heels, Calf, Heading)Residential addresses are about $50 more to deliver to.
If you have a place of business in town you can deliver to you can avoid the residential delivery fee.
Or in the comments you can ask to be contacted about the nearest terminal to pick your dummy up.
We ship a lot of items through UPS except our Hot Heels Dummy, Calf Dummy and Heading Dummy. Make sure you have the correct address listed.
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BLACK FRIDAY Discounts will be figured in office before your card is charged. We will notify you will total cost.
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