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Open Air Campaigners - Contact Card (Full Time)
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Date of Birth:
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Do you have a preference of ministry activity?
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Have you previously been in correspondence with us for any reason?
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Are you or have you within the last year been an applicant or member of any other mission society?
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If "yes" to above, which one/s
Briefly describe your conversion and give reasons for your interest in open-air evangelistic work
Training / Education - State names of schools, dates attended and degrees awarded:
How many credit hours of Bible courses have you completed?
If you are presently in a training program, when do you expect to complete this program?
What Christian work / ministry have you done?
What special skills or experience do you have?
What would you consider to be your spiritual gift/s?
What is your present occupation?
What is your church affiliation?
Have you any health limitations or physical handicaps? If yes, please explain:
Are you taking any medication?
List any surgical operations you have needed:
Have you ever consulted a psychiatrist or been under psychiatric care?
How did you learn of the ministry of OAC?
Have you ever participated in any OAC training? If so, where?
Comments or questions you may have for us:
OAC Box D, Nazareth, PA 18064 usa@oaci.org oacgive.org (610) 746-0508
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