Adoption Application
Adoption Policies and Procedures
Our adoption policies have been carefully considered by our board members. We understand some people may not agree.

Our policies include and are not limited to:
Providing us with a veterinarian reference.
Agreeing to a home study.
Having a fenced yard (There are very few exceptions).
Agree the dog will be an inside companion dog.
Untrue statements on the application result in a rejected application.
Signing our adoption agreement.
We do not adopt our dogs and puppies to anyone living in an apartment, condo, or townhouse.
We do not adopt our dogs and puppies to anyone seeking to use the animal as a farm dog, watch dog or guard dog.
We reserve the right to disapprove any adoption.
And most important, our dogs and puppies always have the final say where they go. We may love you, you may love us and if the dog or puppy does not agree then there will be no adoption.

The adoption process starts with this form. Please complete it in its entirety. We will then process the request as quickly as possible and send you an E-mail postcard when you are approved. Please contact the foster home of your choice after receiving that postcard and make an appointment to meet the dog or puppy of your choice. All family members including current pets (there are exceptions for kitties) need to attend that meet and greet. You are welcome to take your new dog or puppy home IF all goes well at the meet and greet.
Personal Information
E-Mail:*   Valid e-mail is required
First Name:*  
Last Name:*  
Spouse/Partner/Housemate Name:  
Address Line 1:*  
Address Line 2:  
Zip Code:*  
How long have you lived at your current address?*  
If less than five years, please list previous address?  
Marital Status:  
Home Phone:*  
Cell Phone:  
Work Phone:  
Spouse/Partner Occupation:  
Spouse/Partner Employer:  
How many children live in the home:*  
Are you planning future children?:*
Yes No 
How many adults live in the home :*  
Do all adults work outside the home:*
Yes No 
Does anyone in the home have allergies?:*
Yes No 
Do you:*  
If other, please provide details:  
If renting, does lease allow for pets?
Yes No 
If renting, please provide landlord`s name and telephone number:  
Property Environment:*  
Type of Dwelling:*  
Is your property fenced?:*
Yes No Partially 
If partially fenced, then please provide specifics  
Please specify type of fencing and height:  
Do you have a pool?:*
Yes No 
Is your property Deed Restricted?:*
Yes No 
Moving Soon?:*
Yes No 
Current Pet and Farm/Livestock Information
Do you currently own a pet?*
Yes No 
If yes, then name, type, age of each animal:  
Are your pets spayed/neutered?*
Yes No 
Do you own livestock or farm animals?:*
Yes No 
If yes, then list type(s)of animals:  
Ever had a pet lost, stolen, hit, etc?:*
Yes No 
Have you ever chained a pet outside?:*
Yes No 
Do you have outside kennel(s)?:*
Yes No 
Current pets on Heartworm Preventative?:*
Yes No 
If yes, then please provide brand and where purchased:  
Current pets on Flea/Tick Preventative?:*
Yes No 
If yes, then please provide brand and where purchased:  
What Brand(s) of food do you currently feed your pets?:  
Vet Information
Do you now or in the past use a vet?*
Yes No 
Vet`s Name:*  
Clinic or Hospital Name:*  
Zip Code:*  
Name on account with vet:  
When was your last vet appt. & purpose of appt.  
Please tell us what you are looking for in a GSD:*  
Are you seeking a:*  
Age Preference:*  
Reason for adopting this dog/puppy:*  
If system will not allow multiple choices please specify here:  
Where will this pet spend most of it`s time?*  
Where will dog being during the day?*  
Where will dog be at night?*  
Where will dog be when you are away from the house?:*  
Where will your new pet be when you travel?:*  
How many hours a day will your pet be alone?:*  
Do we have a dog/puppy you want?:*
Yes No 
If yes, please provide name?  
Under what circumstances would you return this pet to rescue:*  
Do you understand no dog is perfect and you will have to give this animal time to adjust to your home and routine?:
Please select one:*
Yes No 
Do you understand we require all puppies and certain dogs to successfully complete basic obedience with a certified trainer of your selection?:
Yes No 
The costs included in owning a dog include quality food, vet, beds, toys, collars/leashes, grooming of owning a dog vary and could easily top $1,500 to $2,000 a year.
Are you willing and able to afford these costs?*
Yes No 
If yes, please explain?  
Do you understand German Shepherd Dogs shed 24/7/365?
Yes No 
Please provide us with any other info you would like us to consider:  

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